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Whether your building is in need of an energy audit or you’re seeking our expertise for your projects from plan through to completion, Map Energy offers a broad range of green solutions for every system and aspect of your building. For instance, if your building hasn’t had a lighting retrofit done yet, we can conduct the retrofit AND acquire the incentives for you.

Helping to save you money

Before you start your building or home retrofit call us to find out more about the available incentives and our incentive management service.
Already started an energy efficiency project? With each passing day, you are probably forfeiting significant energy savings. Call now to find out how we can recover some of your costs.

Putting our energy
to work for you

Navigating your way around the available energy incentive programs, such as saveONenergy.ca, can be overwhelming to even the most experienced building owners and managers. Relax. Map Energy has you covered. Pass the burden to us and we’ll ensure the best return on your energy saving investments. We make it painless for you.

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We have developed strategic alliances in the Energy sector, ie: Utilities, Suppliers, Competent installation and Representative Partners such as: